lundi 2 juin 2008

'US Sunken Treasures' (part 1) by Mind Riot 776

The summer is near, and what's best to prepare for that than a playlist of US catchy and hidden pop songs, the ones that were not necessarily released on singles but that stuck in your head once listened to...

A US Sunken Treasures playlist by Mind Riot 776

1. Weezer: in the garage (Blue Album)
2. Ryan Adams: Firecracker (Gold)
3. Wilco: Shot in the arm (Summerteeth)
4. Jeff Buckley: That's all I ask (Olympia)
5. Sparklehorse: Gold Day (it's a wonderful life)
6. REM: finest worksong (Document)
7. Beck: Deadweight (Odelay Deluxe)
8. The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Servo (Give it back)
9. The Flaming Lips: Race for the Prize (The Soft Bulletin)
10. Smashing Pumpkins: Muzzle (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)

Listen, enjoy and react here...


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