lundi 16 juin 2008

Delirium by Lys Last Stand

Delirium is extracted from 'Les Beaux Jours du Combat' the second LP produced and written by Lys Last Stand.

It is a kind of free jazzy electronic song. Every tracks of the song were recorded live using a key board connected to the software Reason... It begun with the free jazz drums beats and all the other tracks were played one after the other in a free improvisation inspired by the drums...

A very intense and prowerful experience summarizing the whole spirit of the 'Les Beaux Jours du Combat'. Indeed after a debut LP and EP entirely structured on computer with a hard work done on cutting, copying and pasting elements to eventually form a song, Lys Last Stand decided to come back to the organic feeling that could also bring the electronic music experience...

An album to discover, enjoy and listen to without prejudice...

You can download the song (and others) under under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike France 2.0) on:

You can also listen to the entire LP on

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