mercredi 4 juin 2008

'Punchhead' by A Free Soul

'Punchhead' is one of the highlight from 'The Fall', the debut album from A Free Soul.

This abstract electro hip-hop song is introduced by a mix of beat and voice samples that do not seem to want to go away, to finally become the song until the TB 303 melody drops in to give a new direction to the song.

Punchhead or the end of the fall and the beginning of the rise. Along with 'Effex new' and 'Punchhead slowdown' it gives a more optimistic vision and perspective after the very ultimate rough collapse tell by the 5 first songs from 'The Fall'...

One of the most popular song from the MRM village, you can download it as well as 2 other songs from 'The Fall' on

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