vendredi 1 janvier 2010

Mind Riot Music's Songs Top Ten

Some Mind Riot Music artists' songs can be downloaded for free on www. and as at First of January 10 here is the top ten downloaded songs:

1. A Free Soul: Burning Mind, 2858 times downloaded

2. Lys Last Stand: Darker on the happy side, 1288

3. Lys Last Stand: Low time, 211

4. A Free Soul: Punchhead, 130

5. Lys Last Stand: As if we were good, 119

6. Lys Last Stand: My lovely Struggle, 113

7. Lys Last Stand: Sur33, 105

8. Lys Last Stand: Délirium, 94

9. Lys Last Stand: From, 86

10. A Free Soul: Départ, 84

A Free Soul songs can be downloaded here:

Lys Last Stand songs can be downloaded here

Mind Riot 776 songs can be downloaded here and on i-tunes as well

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