vendredi 1 août 2008

'Départ' by A Free Soul (AFS)

'Départ' is the second song from the Debut LP 'The Fall' by A Free Soul (AFS).

This an electro-acid journey starting with a crescendo mix of percussion sounds preparing for the start of the trip to the acid dark side of the electronic music. The acid music sound is again built with a software re-creating the legendary TB 303 emulation.

This song is really the start of The Fall as a result of the 'Burning Mind' (introduction for the LP) and then the core song of the album and its experience. The Fall is some kind of concept album and deserves to be listened to entirely from the first to the last song as it tells a complete story.

One of the most popular song from the MRM village, you can download it as well as 2 other songs from 'The Fall' on

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