lundi 5 mai 2008

'Darker on the happy side' By Lys Last Stand

'Darker on the Happy side' is a single extracted from Lys Last Stand's Debut LP: 'and you think it's a beautiful place!...'. This song has been downloaded more than 500 times under Creative Commons license with

It's the song concluding the debut LP. It's a very dark mood built around a complex structure. Indeed it's the clue for the title of the LP 'and you think it's a beautiful place!...'. A very sarcastic way to express a powerful distant view from the world, claiming its own will to go on, making it through the nite, not surrending and even feeling, not happiness but internal peace of mind by adopting this approach...

One of the most powerful and meaningful song by MRM artist Lys Last Stand

You can download the song (and others) under under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike France 2.0) on:

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