samedi 19 avril 2008

Burning Mind by A Free Soul (AFS)

'Burning Mind' is a song written and produced by MRM Artist A Free Soul (AFS) which has been downloaded more than 1200 times (a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial Share Alike license) via .

It's structured around an electronic downtempo bass line, composed with a software reproducing the sound of the magic TB-303. It's a simple song trying to express the electronic dark groove feeling... The techno satisfaction song like the artist defined it in a very sarcastic and humoristic way...

Worths the try... Introduction for the Debut LP 'The Fall'...

Most popular song from the MRM village, you can download it as well as 2 other songs from 'The Fall' on

Hear more on my space AFS page:

And listen to AFS albums on

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