jeudi 27 août 2009

Mind riot Music Friends: Radioactivism (O.S.E. Crew)

Here is a new category for Mind Riot Music's blog to celebrate and share great music from some of our friends. And this time we are starting with Radioactivism (O.S.E. Crew) who is diving into the sea of Trance Music.

He's definitely making fresh and inspiring Trance Music, when you're listening to these beats it's just like you're back in the good old days of emerging rave parties. It often starts with a very delicate and smooth introduction leading you to this twilight zone between dreams and reality and then you go with the flow for a psychedelic journey into the clouds of a terrific music (especially listen to Spiritual Vision).

It's great to hear such a brilliant debut in those times of poor music. There is something here, something like an emerging vision, a seed waiting to grow to give rise to some electro masterpiece. We can't wait to hear the following and what will become of this promissing beginning. An artist to follow.
You can listen to Radioactivism's songs here:

MRM Crew

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